Ways to enter the underground mines and exit the mine

1. In underground mines, there are at least 2 different routes to reach every boundary and return to the surface. If there is only one way, we will work there with some conditions. Like not many men can work together.

2 . There should be good management to climb both the exit routes.

If the depth of the mine is more than 30 meters, then a boiler operated winding machine will be installed which will remain in the current condition at all times.

If the steps are given in the mines as given in the mines with less depth then the width of the steps will be more, stronger and the foot will be uniform. There will be a platform every 9  meters.

3.The distance between the two paths leading from the mine 13.5.  

4. On both the roads leading out of the mine, they will keep the length and width in the same way as the tunnel of the mine. 1. 8  meters. There should be a 1. 5-meter wide tunnel.

If any obstruction is tried on this path of the mine, firstly we will work to remove the blockage, and secondly, we will not do it. No more than 20 people can go on this route.

5. Two paths will be laid from each part of the field to enter and go to the surface.

The reason for this is that if there is a fire in the mine, there is a leakage of water, the speed is lost, if gas (CH4) is found, then a big event can be avoided, and sometimes even if the boiler machine is bad, we are out of the other way To move or to go.

Safety is the first thing to be seen in the mining sector. Here, not only our own safety but all the people working in us, who believe in you only.

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