What is the exposed area in depillaring panel in underground mining?

Depillaring is a method by which coal is easily extracted. Let us understand it in simple language, we build a house, due to the weight on the house, we make the place a strong pillar so that the house does not fall easily. In the same way, except in the underground mines as Gallery Pillars, they make facilities for extracting coal and have good air circulation. The fire that is generated by spontaneous heating can also be defeated by this process. Because this process can easily seal the place. Understand what is the benefit of Depillaring -

1. In each panel, separate air can be sent separately from the main intake route and the contaminated air can be brought in the direct airway so that the ventilation of each panel remains independent.

2. During combustion, spontaneous combustion of coal left in the tunnel can lead to a fire. The fire can be extinguished by sealing the panel by making a stopper in the path of the panel. And the work goes on smoothly in the remaining parts of the mine.

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