What if there's heavy rain in the open cast mine after the rain mine was drained. What problems do we face?

As we know that opencast mines are completely open. Due to the opencast mines being open, these mines are called opencast mines. Opencast mines are built away from densely populated areas because the area is taken slightly larger for opencast mines. In opencast mines, a large area is taken for ease of movement and blasting of large vehicles. Due to the openness of the mines, the effect of all-weather is found in the direct mines. During rainy days, almost all opencast mines have to be closed because the mines are flooded. The way for all trains to come and go is closed. After being soaked by water on the way to the mine, it becomes so bad that no vehicle can run at high altitude with load, the risk of becoming an agent increases greatly. And the place where coal is extracted, there is a very high amount of water. The biggest problem is in blasting. There is a very high risk of charging by filling the water, the risk of gunpowder is very high. And production is hampered. Hence the mine remains closed due to rain. The rain does not affect the underground mines and the work goes on smoothly.

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