How does Carbon mono oxide (co)gas in an underground mine?

How does Carbon mono oxide (co)gas in an underground mine?

Such a very deadly gas is found in an underground mine, but (co) is a gas that takes the life of a human being in a moment and is not even known. The (co)-gas in the mine is formed as follows -

1.Spottane heating of coal releases more  Carbon mono oxide(co) gas.

2.If there is a fire in coal, the amount of carbon mono oxide(co) gas will be more.

3.When the blasting is done in the mines, if the ammo does not burn properly, then this gas is sure to be formed there.

4.As we know that on 2% hot gas, coal dust would blast, at that time, (co )gas is very much formed. And destroys the whole mine.

5.When the diesel engine, motor, generator, diesel loco, etc. are run in the mine, the Carbon mono oxide(co) gas becomes more.

6.Due to an increase in the amount of oxygen in the mine, oxygen comes into contact with coal and weakly oxidizes the coal, which also produces some gases.

7.The fire produced in the wood given in the support of the mine also produces Carbon mono oxide (co) gas.

8.Water gas that is produced by pouring water on burning coal, Carbon mono oxide(co) gas is also produced there.

Carbon mono oxide is a gas that when exposed to it stimulates the human being and becomes stubborn so that it is not known that man can protect it and the men die.

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